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Oil Production Equipment-Cooker

Oil Production Equipment-Cooker

Oil Production Equipment-Cooker is one of the main auxiliary equipment of oil production machine, it is in base of the YZCL.180* 5 type cooker grassroots redesigned models. This cooker with bottom reducer. The oil machine is my factory of stereotypes products, through continuous improvement and improved, the technical indicators have reached the design requirements, is large and medium-sized oil refinery for the given ideal equipment for processing of oil.

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Purpose and Range of Application

Oil Production Equipment-Cooker is a continuous production equipment and it’s one of the main vegetable oil production machine.The cooker(Oil Processing Machine) is mainly used to wet the raw materials after rolling by the embryo machine, and then to be cooked.Thus,the technological of the raw material is suitable for pressing or leaching.This has a positive effect on improving the oil yield, improving the quality of the oil, reducing the power consumption and the loss of the machine.

Oil Production Equipment-Cooker is also used for softening and drying oilseed.It is a very important working procedure in oilseed pressing,pre pressing and leaching process.

Performance Characteristics

1) Good effect of steaming and stir frying can regulate the moisture content of the embryo.

2) Equipment covers an area of less, low noise, easy maintenance, easy to operate.

Main Technical Parameters

Inner diameter of pot bodyΦ1200mmΦ1500mmΦ1800mmΦ2100mmΦ2500mmΦ2500mmΦ3000mm
Spindle speed32r/min32r/min32r/min32r/min20r/min18r/min18r/min
Motor Model and PowerY160M-67.5KWY200L1-618.5kwY200L2-622kwY225M-630kwY250M-6 37KWY280S-6 45KWY280S-6 45KWY280S-6 45KWY280M-6 55KW
Reducer TypeJ22C032AC032ATBSZ30ZSL-40ZT-760ZT-760
Reducer Ratio1:22.51:301:301:301:48.51:531:53
Heating Area7.6㎡14.15㎡19.4㎡25㎡34.24/41.09㎡47.94㎡57.5/69㎡
Volume0.44 m³0.65 m³1.31 m³1.99 m³2.7/3.24 m³3.78 m³3.9/4.68 m³
Maximum Steam Gauge Pressure0.66 MPa0.66 MPa0.66 MPa0.66 MPa0.66 MPa0.66 MPa0.66 MPa
Body Full Height2710 mm3850 mm4250mm4250mm4678/5328 mm5986mm4850mm
Machine Weight3100 kg5850 kg7200 kg9400 kg13600/15400kg17300kg17000kg
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