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Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oil Processing Line

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Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oil Processing Line

Palm fruit oil and palm kernel oil is characterized by two extraction method, that is, first extract the oil from the nucleolus and then press the oil from the kernel.

Whole process of the palm oil and palm kernel oil flow chart:

Whole process of the palm oil and palm kernel oil flow chart

Operating Highlights:

1. Fresh water, high temperature and easy to enzymatic hydrolysis, in order to prevent oil hydrolysis rancidity, peeling in the former must be used in a large pot of steam for about half an hour to kill the enzyme, in time to inhibit the enzyme to increase acid prices.

2. The mechanical crushing of oil palm fruit pressing oil, using a special screw press. The main features require special pressing in the flesh of the grease and retain the palm kernel is not broken.

3. The separation of the fiber from the core cake is done by vibration screening and wind separation. Separate the palm kernel to dry, broken.

4. The broken brown nucleus in the washing tank using the principle of water-swirl will be the difference between the density of the shell and the effective separation of the larger (the traditional also made mud water separation will be more effective, but increased mud cleaning difficulty).

5. Follow-up steaming, pressing or pre-pressing - leaching process requirements and the same routine.

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