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 Edible Oil Refinery Plant (Large)

Capacity: 350Ton per day

Edible oil refinery equipment is mainly used for large oil refining process, high refining rate, continuous process can be refined different levels of oil. Including all kinds of vegetable oil: soybeans, peanuts, cottonseed, rapeseed, corn, etc.

Edible Oil Refinery plant through the disc separator, deacidification, dephosphorization, degumming, dehydration into the continuous decolorization, deodorization integrated operation, labor intensity, high refining rate, grease meet national standards.

Market Analysis: As population growth and people's living standards improve, oil demand will continue to grow. With the economic level of the increase in the use of consumption, the proportion of the people to increase vegetable oil and edible animal oil to reduce the proportion; edible vegetable oil, the proportion of secondary oil gradually reduced, refined vegetable oil and a gradual increase in the proportion of oil , So the demand for vegetable oil is bound to grow steadily. Looking forward to the next few years, national vegetable oil consumption will show an increasing trend year by year.

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