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Oil Processing Equipment - Flaking Machine

Oil Processing Equipment - Flaking Machine

Oil Processing Equipment - Flaking Machine is automatic rolling embryo machine,it mainly used for rolling embryo of vegetable oil,so that the maximum consistency of raw embryos.

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Oil Processing Equipment - Flaking Machine

Main Features

1) Large processing capacity;

2) Good stability molding and strong operability;

3) The roller with adjustable clearance.A buffering device is arranged between the rollers to reduce the collision between the rollers and to improve the service life of the roller;

4) Roller control using square bearing, smooth and reliable operation;

5) Hydraulic system pump with intermittent automatic work, the system pressure is constant and reliable, energy-saving effect is obvious;

6) Use safely,repair and maintain conveniently.

Main Technical Parameters

ModelCapacity(T/24H)Thickness of Embryo (mm)Power(KW)Dimension(cm)Weight(T)
YYPT2 x 40 x 8030-400.25-0.35(6-11)*2 KW--3000
YYPY2 x 60 x 8050-600.25-0.3518.5x2+0.37+1.1180x130x2004000
YYPY2 x 60 x 10070-800.25-0.3522x2+0.37+1.1200x130x2005000
YYPYFP2 x 80 x 100120-1500.25-0.3530x2+0.55+1.5225x223x21010000
YYPYFP2 x 80 x 125180-2000.25-0.3537x2+0.55+1.5250x223x21013000
YYPYFP2 x 80 x 150(D)280-3000.25-0.3555x2(90)+0.75x2+2.2276x223x21515000
YYPYFP2 x 81 x 220D450-5000.25-0.35160+1.1+1.1+3.0358x242x23620000

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