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Oil Press Machine YS - 80

Oil Press Machine YS - 80

Name: Oil Press Machine

Packing size: 13.2 x 440 x 1040

Power: 5.5 KW

Production: 2-3 tons / 24 hours

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This oil press is our improved product, also is advanced machinery among the Vegetable Oil Processing Equipment. This Oil Press has simple structure, convenient operation, power saving, low noise, the characteristic of high and strong adaptability and continuous operation, etc. For all kinds of Vegetable Oil Plants, such as: peanut, soybean, rapeseed, cottonseed, sesame, olives, kwai seeds, coconut, cacao plant oils are squeezing, applicable to small and medium-sized Cooking Oil Factory and individual professional use, also can be used to squeeze the leaching suitavle.

Advantages of this Oil Press Machine:

For the energy - the same output to reduce electrical power by 40%, with an average saving of 6 KWH per hour, the production cost is saved a lot.

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