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Oil Expeller YZY260

Oil Expeller YZY260

YZY260 type is a large and continuous Spiral Oil Expeller.It is suitable for large oil plant prepressing - leaching or double pressing process.This Oil Expeller is suitable for peanut, cottonseed, rapeseed, sunflower seed, corn germ oil, coconut and other high oil content oil seeds.

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Main technical parameters

1. Capacity: For prepress: 100-150TPD(take cottonseed as example)

For Oil Press: 35-45TPD

2. Motor Power: Y280M-6- 75KW(main motor)

5.5KW BLY27-35(Reduction drive)

2.2KW BLY18-17(Reduction drive)

3. Screw spindle speed: 32rpm or 38rpm

4. Main motor current: 120A-130A

5. The thickness of the cake: 8-20mm

6.Cake residual oil rate: 10-16%

7. Overall Dimensions(L×W×H): 3806×1238×3418mm

8. Net weight: 8500 kg.


Under normal pre-treatment conditions, this Oil Expeller has the following advantage.

1) Wearing parts with high wear-resistant materials,service life is long.

2) Suitable for press under low, middle, high temperature.

3) Pressing cage has ears plate open design, easy to assembly, maintenance, reduce the labor intensity of characteristic.

4) Squeezer using labyrinth seal, solved the problem squeezer combining surface slag and the permeability.

5) Squeeze out the quality of the oil refining rate is high.

6) Gradual pressure, in a pressurized state material, can effectively solve the corn germ, dried coconut, rapeseed, such as rice bran oil press difficult question.

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