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Low-temperature oil press YS34

Low-temperature oil press YS34

YS34 low-temperature oil press is a kind of continuous screw oil press specially designed for large-scale oil factory to ensure the protein content in cake by low-temperature pre-pressing. It is suitable for pressing various commercial oil seeds, such as peanut kernel, cottonseed, rapeseed, sunflower seed, castor bean, corn germ and so on.

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І. Structure

YS34 low-temperature oil press has the following parts: feeding mechanism, feeding mechanism, cage, screw shaft, bearing box, deceleration mechanism and transmission device.

. Main technical data

1. Model: YS34

2. Processing capacity: 200t/24h

3. Size: 6300 x 1440 x 3300 (mm)

3. Press shaft speed: 45r/min

4. Equipped with motor: Y315L-4 200KW

5. The average current: 250-320 (A).

6. The thickness of the cake: 6-12mm

7. Dry cake residual oil: 16-20%

. Performance characteristics

Model YS34 cryogenic oil press is suitable for pre-pressing. Under normal pre-pressing conditions, its characteristics are as follows:

1.  Large capacity, small footprint, low power consumption, less operation management and maintenance.

2.  The structure of pressed cake is loose without grinding, which is good for solvent penetration.

3.  The oil content and moisture content of the cake are suitable for solvent extraction.

4.  The quality of the extracted oil is better than that of the oil pressed or leached at high temperature.

5. The low temperature is generally around 70-90 degrees, which effectively ensures the protein content in the oil.

6. The upper part of the press cage and the main shaft of the press screw are equipped with a cooling device to ensure the temperature during the pressing process.

7. The special screw sealing mechanism is used to solve the problem of removing the screw and the oil returning problem.

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