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copra coconut oil press extraction refining machines for oil mill plant

copra coconut oil press extraction refining machines for oil mill plant

Copra Coconut Oil Press Machine Specifications:

Model:YZY 260
Pressing Method : continuous pressing or pre-pressing (dual-purpose)
Warranty: one year upon installation

Net Weight:8500kg
Motor Power: 60-75 KW
Measurement(meter):3.81 x 1.24 x 3.42

Pre-Pressing Capacity:120~150 tons per day
Oil Yield: 55~65%
Residual oil in cake: 5~7%

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Copra Coconut Oil Press Machine General Description:

We manufacture copra coconut oil dry processing machines,e.g.expeller   and filtering equipments used for oil mill plants.The product and service mainly applied to build large capacity automatic edible oil processing production line projects.

Copra coconut oil press machine for small business individual workshops or small scale oil mill plants:

Copra coconut oil dry processing method recommended:

  1. Pretreatment (cleaning, crushing, flaking, cooking)--pressing--Refining

Based on clients' requirement (e.g.capasity/seeds type etc), we can propose an optimal solution of main equipment composition and a customized plant layout design.Please see the machine list, more information please see website documentation and pdf files in details,or contact us.

We're a professional verified supplier & manufacturer for industrial use oil press machines, we welcome clients worldwide contact us.Please kindly specify your requirements so that we can provide a best proposal and quote for your oil mill production project.Thanks!

Copra Coconut oil dry pressing processing machine list (large capacity)

Copra coconut oil dry processing pre-treament machines:

  • Seed cleaning machines(de-stoner, maganetic drum, vibration sieve)

  • Oilseed flaking machine

  • Oilseed roasting machine(softening conditioning and cooking)

Copra coconut oil expeller pressing (pre-pressing) machines :

Model YZY290 suggested to pressing and  high oil content oilseed types, e.g.sunflower seed, peanut, cottonseed etc.

Copra coconut oil filtering/edible oil leaching equipments

  • Screening tank (entrained foots removal)

  • Vertical leaf blade vibration filter machine
    • Frame Oil Filter Press Machines

Note:Different from commercial cold oil press machines for individual kitchen use, above equipment is mainly used for industrial large capasity edible oil processing automatic production lines in oil mill plants.No less than 50 tons per day.

Please see more information (pdf files click the links) in details in our company catalogue as below:

Documentations & Media

Oil press machine installation application for clients oil mill projects ( pdf file link as below)


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Factory manufacturing on scene video


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